Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 Steps to a Beautiful Mind

A beautiful mind must, by universal spiritual law, create a beautiful life. Here are 5 steps:
1. Attention: : pay attention to your thoughts. Are they what you want to create more of?
2. Purification: Let go of thoughts that discourage, disturb, diminish you. Stop the moment you catch yourself.
3. Identification: Fill the vacuum with any positive, life-affirming thought. Identify with a divine quality---love, joy, peace, beauty, courage...
4. Magnification: Thank God for helping change your mind; feed the good thoughts and feelings with more like them.
5. Action: Take positive action; find a way to express something positive...write a gratitude list, make a phone call to a friend; tell someone how much you appreciate them; do a good deed.

Practice makes perfect.