Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Year, New Beginnings

It's been said that our purpose here is to develop and express our divine potential. In his bood "Good To Great" Jim Collins says, "Indeed, the real question is not 'Why greatness?' but, what work makes you fell compelled to try to create greatness."

New suggests change--change from what was to something new; change from waht was not to what is now. What might we change in order to, with intention, develop and express our true greatness--our divine potential. Dare more, make a dream come true, give in selfless service, do one good deed a day, learn something new....the list is personal and endless at the same time. There is no limit to the good we can do -- one day at a time.

Here are some sample affirmations that build spiritual muscle and magnetize the good we seek:
I give thanks to God for all my good and my good multiplies.
I give thanks for all that I have, and all that I desire comes to me.
I give thanks for belonging, and my sense of belonging expands and deepens.
God had a plan for my life and it is fruitful, fulfilling and fabulous.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Power of Hope

"All growth is the desire of the soul to refine and enlarge its presence..." Eternal Echoes: Exploring Our Yearning To Belong, John O'Donohue

The Christmas season is a time of rebirth of the values that grow the soul and enlarge its presence. The spirit of generosity is at its shining best as people's hearts open to one another.

One of the Christmas themes is hope. Hope gives life and vitality. It births optimism. As we put up Christmas decorations, we can also take time to decorate our hearts with hope--hope for our dreams; hope for our world. We can put feet on our hope by spreading the spirit of Christmas wherever we go. Shopping can be an experience of joy by keeping the smile in our hearts.

Affirmation: I give my best and let go of the rest.

Prayer: God of wonders and miracles, shine the light of hope bright in me. Let it light my holiday with joy and gratitude. Let Your light of hope in me help others find this light in themselves.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Want to create miracles in your life? Start making a daily gratitude list--taking absolutely nothing in your life for granted. Gratitude is a spiritual energy that transforms negative mental/emotional states to positive. Hope returns where there was disappointment, hurt, disillusionment.
As you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, counting your blessings, resolve to make counting your blessings a daily practice and you will be amazed to see that God will pour more reasons to be grateful into your life.

I thank God for the good in my life and the good in my life multiplies.

God of wonders and miracles I give thanks that today is filled with moments of deep joy my joy makes me magnetic to blessings. Amen

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Decisions, Right Action

There is a wisdom greater than our own intelligence can fathom. It can be called by many names--Divine Intelligence, Spirit, the Divine. I'll call it Divine Wisdom. This wisdom will always guide you to choose what gives you life and joy and vitality. It will lead you to say "yes" to what will set you free and to say "no" to what feeds a sensze of dissatisfaction, discontent and disillusionment. It will raise you into the realm of Divine Mind where you will see clearly and know rightly and act wisely.
Wisdom hardly ever leads us down the easier, softer way, though. Yet, it will unfailingly lead you to what grows and expands your soul.

One of my favorite "wisdom" affirmations is: "I know what to do and I do it." Try it when you are stuck or stumped with the intention to call on and receive from God.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It has been said that true greatness is a result. Greatness comes from dreaming worthy and beautiful dreams and then doing what it takes to make them come true. God has planted a beautiful dream in each heart--a dream that will sculpt the greatnes in the dreamer. The soul deeply knows its true destiny and calling. It knows where it must go to fulfill its destiny. It is an inner journey first and foremost. The challenges along the way are such as are common to all mankind. With all, it is a path with heart. We have been given all we need to make our dreams come true by the One who planted the dream in the first place.

Giver of dreams, shine Your Light on my path today. Let me see clearly where You would have me go. Let me act courageously and wisely as I move forward into the joy of fulfillment.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Courage is the result of taking action in the face of fear.

A prayer: Lord, let my heart be aligned with Your ove today. Enliven and encourage me throughout the day. Give me the courage to say what needs to be said. Give me the faith to take action on my hopes and dreams.

Affirmation: Through the power of God in me, I know what to do and I do it.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Successful relationships

Anchoring Heaven In Relationships: Some Highly Effective Habits
“Love calls you to transform all your relationships into a dance of self-discovery. When dancing together in unison, through every step and stumble, each partner reveals the other.” Setting Your Heart On Fire, Raphael Cushnir
“The fundamental Law of Transformation, the law that allows us to bring transformation out of the world of spiritual rhetoric and into our lives--the law that brings heaven to earth--is the Law of Love.” The Intelligent Heart, Rev. David McArthur
God is Love. 1John 4:16
Dear Friends,
There is just no getting away from it--Love is here to stay. It will not be denied except at risk to any sense of peace and joy.

A few years back I was invited to do an “Intensive” with the Ministerial classes at Unity Village. An “Intensive” meant an intense exploration of a particular topic. It was a three-day experience, eight hours a day. I was asked to explore with the principles and practices that create a thriving ministry. Here is the only thing I remember saying some twelve years ago to those students: “Life is all about relationship.” I came to believe it then and I still believe it today. I have never had any evidence that would change my mind about that.
Jesus Christ, our Wayshower, didn’t kid around about love. He said over and over in many different ways, “Love one another”. He advised working at it until we could do it perfectly. Asking a lot? Yes, indeed. Is it worth all the effort we can give it? Absolutely. We are promised the reward of a heavenly life. Who could ask for more?
Think about it. What challenges you the most and blesses you the most? I am willing to bet that it is relationships. This month we step into the realm of the Law of Love and consider together some highly effective habits for anchoring heaven in our relationships.
With Love,