Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three things that eliminate stress

I was heard a renouned doctor say that all disease is brought on by stress. At the very minimal stress is uncomfortable. Beyond that it blocks our imagination from generating creative solutions.
Three things that dissolve stress:
1. Live in the now moment. Stay out of imagining worst case scenarious. That is living in the future. Stay out of the problem. That is living in the past.
2. Pray for guidance and then let go of the problem.
3. Find someone to help or some way to be in service.

God of dazzling abundance and infinite generosity and goodness, create in me a grateful hearet, one that trusts in the beautiful possibilities for my life even when I can't see them. Create in me a big heart so taht I can appreciate all the good that fills my days. Creat in me a confident spirit, confident enough to give thanks for everything--the difficulties that grow me, the blessings that await me, and all the little things I take for granted.

I give thanks for all my good and my good multiplies.

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