Monday, November 5, 2007

Successful relationships

Anchoring Heaven In Relationships: Some Highly Effective Habits
“Love calls you to transform all your relationships into a dance of self-discovery. When dancing together in unison, through every step and stumble, each partner reveals the other.” Setting Your Heart On Fire, Raphael Cushnir
“The fundamental Law of Transformation, the law that allows us to bring transformation out of the world of spiritual rhetoric and into our lives--the law that brings heaven to earth--is the Law of Love.” The Intelligent Heart, Rev. David McArthur
God is Love. 1John 4:16
Dear Friends,
There is just no getting away from it--Love is here to stay. It will not be denied except at risk to any sense of peace and joy.

A few years back I was invited to do an “Intensive” with the Ministerial classes at Unity Village. An “Intensive” meant an intense exploration of a particular topic. It was a three-day experience, eight hours a day. I was asked to explore with the principles and practices that create a thriving ministry. Here is the only thing I remember saying some twelve years ago to those students: “Life is all about relationship.” I came to believe it then and I still believe it today. I have never had any evidence that would change my mind about that.
Jesus Christ, our Wayshower, didn’t kid around about love. He said over and over in many different ways, “Love one another”. He advised working at it until we could do it perfectly. Asking a lot? Yes, indeed. Is it worth all the effort we can give it? Absolutely. We are promised the reward of a heavenly life. Who could ask for more?
Think about it. What challenges you the most and blesses you the most? I am willing to bet that it is relationships. This month we step into the realm of the Law of Love and consider together some highly effective habits for anchoring heaven in our relationships.
With Love,

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