Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Decisions, Right Action

There is a wisdom greater than our own intelligence can fathom. It can be called by many names--Divine Intelligence, Spirit, the Divine. I'll call it Divine Wisdom. This wisdom will always guide you to choose what gives you life and joy and vitality. It will lead you to say "yes" to what will set you free and to say "no" to what feeds a sensze of dissatisfaction, discontent and disillusionment. It will raise you into the realm of Divine Mind where you will see clearly and know rightly and act wisely.
Wisdom hardly ever leads us down the easier, softer way, though. Yet, it will unfailingly lead you to what grows and expands your soul.

One of my favorite "wisdom" affirmations is: "I know what to do and I do it." Try it when you are stuck or stumped with the intention to call on and receive from God.

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